Good Egg Award: Best Chase Field snack deal

Best Chase Field snack deal: Kettle Corn $4

Traditional baseball fare might be a Diamond Dog ($4) and a beer ($9 — who wants a little beer?). But sometimes ballpark dining is more of a snack than a meal.

I haven’t yet tried  the two-pound “victory knot,” (a gigantic pretzel that can feed about four people) but of all the baseball fare I’ve sampled, I’m going to say that the best deal at Chase Field is the small bag of kettle corn for $4.

The small bag is more than enough for 1 person (see pic), and a large, which is twice as big, is only $2 more.  It’s lightly sweet,  mildly salty, and compared with garlic fries…not sooo bad for you.

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One Response to “Good Egg Award: Best Chase Field snack deal”

  1. Alabama Kettle Corn Says:

    Wow! That’s a great deal for a ballpark food item. Sorry if I seem biased, but Kettle Corn is an awesome snack. That’s one of the reasons we make it. And we love people that love Kettle Corn.