A muse is my muse

Tue, Jun 19 2007 12:02 AM

Even at age 9, I knew Xanadu was a bad movie.

After seeing Grease, I developed an Olivia Newton John (ONJ) obsession. My friend and I would sit in her closet (she had a walk-in) and sing our favorite ONJ songs, try to do our hair like hers, wish for thighs thatdidn't touch when we wore skin-tight pants (blue jeans with lipstickon the pockets). 

So, it's not surprising I was on pins and needles for her next movie to come out.

Oh Xanadu!

ONJ's acting was abominable. The dialogue was stilted. The love-interest was a horrible singer. There was no story to speak of. Yet still...I loved it.

I wanted to be a muse -- surrounded by pretty purple light wearing flowy off-the-shoulder dresses and satin ribbons in my hair, roller-skating like the wind and viewed me as if through a dream lens.

But that was 1980. Now in 2007, the roller nymph look is back. A whole new generation is wearing disco-wear and watching Xanadu...on Broadway.

God bless 'em!